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WestSide Building – Commercial Construction

WestSide Building Co., a commercial construction company in Lansing, MI, specializes in the construction of commercial properties including hotels, retail, restaurants, industrial, warehouse, office buildings, and multi-family properties.

In addition to timely, cost effective construction of new structures, WestSide Building Co. handles redevelopment and remodeling of current buildings as well as tenant build-outs for commercial lease spaces.


commercial construction

Commercial Construction

WestSide Building Co. has the experience and knowledge to handle the construction of your commercial projects in a cost-effective and timely manner. Whether you need the construction of a new building, you’re redeveloping an existing development or building out a lease space for a commercial tenant, Contact WestSide Building Company to discuss the best options for your project.

multi-family construction

Multi-Family Housing

Several market factors are creating a demand for multi-family housing. In order to protect your return on investment it is important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable construction company that can complete your project on time and eliminate surprises throughout the process that can cause you to go over budget.

Start planning your multi-family development investment by discussing with WestSide Building Company.


Steel Buildings

Steel structures are a great option for building a structure quickly and inexpensively. WestSide Building Company has partnered with X COMPANY to provide cost-effective solutions for steel structures.

Demountable Interior Walls

Demountable Walls


Demountable Walls provide an environmentally friendly and flexible solution for office and warehouse interiors. WestSide Building Company is a certified installer for NxtWall, the most cost-effective and flexible demountable wall solution on the market. Whether you are looking for solid walls, glass walls, or a combination of both, WestSide Building Company can provide a customized solution for your project.

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To discuss potential build-to-suit opportunities with Westside Building Company, please contact Vandenboss Commercial.